Your android phones are specially known for offering multimedia and entertainment features along with primary facility of calling and communication. The device has multiple facilities to use web related services and you can print different kinds of documents using Google apps. Here, see and follow few important tips how you can print your photos, movie ticket and other important handy documents.

Step1:- To use this feature you have to open your settings page in Google chrome where advance settings option is visible.Epson printer technical support phone number is the right option before users so that they can get any kind of help for any kind of inconvenience.

Step2: Now scroll down Google cloud printer service to add printers. And you can choose Epson printer through different ways. You can either click add printers to view any printers connected with your computer. Now click add to cloud print but to utilize this method you need internet connection. Or you can your ePrint mail address in Cloud print, but your printer should be cloud ready printer and using this process you don’t need to always run your printer.

Step3: Now you have to download the cloud print application from Google play store to add new printer. You have to login into your Google account to automatically add this Epson printer on cloud print. However, if you are facing any issue, call at Epson printer technical support phone number for instant help.

Step4: Google cloud print technology works with the cloud storage based service. Now click on print option that appears on the top of the cloud print app, and then select the Google drive or you can also choose from gallery to print a document.

Step5: At the moment, you can print your document from web page by clicking settings option from chrome browser. After clicking the settings now share cloud print and select the image or file you want to print and click the print button once again to print the document.

Step6: Now at this stage you can select Epson printer from the list showing on you android phone. The file waiting to print can be now converted into a physical document. However, if you are facing any issue or not able to configure these settings you can call at Epson printer technical support phone number 1-855-222-0999 and enjoy the Google cloud printing service for printing any document from your android phone.

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